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Designing for "spatial occasions"

From Our Clients...

" Great experience working with Cheryl. The colors and textures in materials chosen, worked well in my master bedroom. I was very pleased with the end results "

-- Paula Robinson

" Cheryl's attention to the details is what sets her work apart from what I can do on my own. I have tried on many occasions to decorate my spaces, but they were always missing something. After Cheryl consulted with me, she was able to make each space unique and reflective of my personality. In addition to the window treatments with beading, my favorite detail she added was my painting wall where she arranged some of my original artwork along with blank canvases that I can paint and then rehang. That painting collage has been a conversation for guests who visit my home, and another way to share a little bit more about my personality without even speaking! I highly recommend My Secret Dwelling to anyone who wants their home to TRULY reflect their personalities "

-- Victoria J